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I am passing along a compliment to the exceptional service I received today from Betty in the Iowa location Warranty Department. I had questions about replacing 20 year old windows that were in good condition with the exception of wood rot on some of the sash rails. I'd had difficulty determining which model Windsor window our builder installed in 2000, and she was able to figure that out in about two minutes, inform me that replacement sashes for that series are longer available, and offer some recommendations for potentially using Windsor Revive solutions. I really appreciated her time and knowledge of Windsor products. David Schrimp
As a custom home builder, I would guess that we’ve installed thousands of Windsor windows over the years. We appreciate the fact that Windsor stands by their windows and works with us when we have an occasional issue. Their service has been very good which is why we continue to buy Windsor. Pat Hiller
Thank you so much for the way you have handled my inquiry, questions, and problem. From the first phone call through Darren's visit this morning each one of you have handled my situation in the way I had hoped you would. This problem has brought me a lot of anxiety. However after each interaction with you I have felt heard and that you would see this through until my problem was fixed and I was satisfied. I certainly hope my problem is now fixed. If not, I have Darren's assurance he will come back out and the confidence that he will be able to fix it.
Betty-I have emailed and talked with you on numerous occasions. You have always been kind, friendly, responsive, and have communicated clearly how the problem will be addressed. Thank you for your kindness and serving me so well!
Rick-I appreciate the phone calls you have taken from me and the time listening to my problem, answering my questions, and reassuring me that you stand behind your product, "take care of me", and make the situation right. Thank you for being so gracious!
Darren-From the moment I met you I quickly knew that you had the skills and expertise to fix my problem. I felt that I was in good hands and company. You were friendly, kind, fun to work with, and extremely professional. Thank you for teaching me and for serving with a happy heart!
I have been a teacher and librarian for the past 22 years in a school system of 85,000 students. I deal with a variety of people daily. People make your organization and your team. Each of you must standout among your team members and organization as being the best of the best! Through this process I have some renewed faith in that there are still companies and team members that take pride in their product, work, and performance. Keep up the great work! I know people are quick to share when they have a bad experience. I am quick to share when I have a great experience. Mark H

Single source. Full array of product lines. High integrity company. I would just say that we feel Windsor matches our type of business, if we go back to “Win the war, not the battle.” There's a lot of gray areas in our industry. There's a lot of finger-pointing. I've never experienced that at Windsor. There's joint responsibility. Windsor has been a company that has taken the same strategy we take to our customer. It’s been a cooperative, win-win environment. That's the message that has been delivered to me from Windsor and what really what makes them one of the leading window people for us. We just know who and what we're dealing with. It’s consistency. Watch my full Windsor Windows testimonial video Rod Cullum
I had installed Windsor Windows in our custom house 10 years ago and the finish on the windows failed aft about 6 years. I contacted Betty Deemer at Windsor corporate and after what seemed to take a long time and after a rather circuitous route the work was complete. I have built residential and commercial projects most of my career and I want you to know that Fresh Coat(the painting contractor for Windsor) did not only a fantastic job but a nearly perfect job. Unfortunately they had to deal with the elements but overcame them to deliver a beautiful look. They almost look better than when they were installed😊! I want to thank Windsor for honoring their warranty and for Betty's patience and follow up thru all the frustration. In a time when most companies just want to ignore customer service and warranty work it is nice to work with a company with some integrity. I am building a house in the next year or two and will definitely be looking at Windsor for my windows and doors! Many Thanks again. Mark Phillips
When working on our design, we were looking for a window that could provide an exterior look matching our intended modern aesthetic, but an interior projecting the traditional look of wood. The Windsor product provided an exterior anodized option that complemented stainless steel shingle cladding, while the clear pine finish gave the interiors the desired warmth of wood. Eric Ponto

We have been using Windsor as our standard for the last 5 years. Our company is well known for having standards that are higher than our competitions. The fact that they are produced in a plant only two hours away is also a huge "plus" for us as Green Builders. We have been extremely pleased with the quality of the product, ease of operation, and service that we get from Windsor and Thompson Windows & Doors and would highly recommend both. Sean Sullivan
One of things we enjoy most about our new home are the beautiful Windsor windows and doors. They blend in seamlessly with the Tuscan architecture and their functionality is top notch. After seven years we recently encountered a problem with one of our doors. Betty in Customer Service could not have been more helpful and the factory technician, Burke was outstanding. Windsor is simply the BEST! Mike Moone
Windsor Windows & Doors, I want to thank Betty Deemer and all of the people who make and support Windsor Windows for your extraordinary good service and commitment to customer satisfaction. My wife and I were embarrassed when we recently discovered that there was a problem with the locking function on all of the windows we had installed seven years ago at a home we own and maintain for our handicapped son. The problem should have come to our attention much sooner. Not having a clue about how to deal with the issue, I found your website and wrote requesting your suggestions. You responded the very next day. You made clear reasonable requests for some descriptive information and pictures which were easy to provide. Right away, you informed me that the windows were still under warranty and that you would arrange for someone to make a service call. Your service man showed up promptly as scheduled yesterday morning and corrected all the problems. We learned that the problem was with the installation and not the construction or design of the windows and still you made it right without question or trying to pass the blame. I can’t remember the last time I was so surprised and favorably impressed by a business committed to the satisfaction of its customers. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company and your products to anyone. Thank you very much. Kurt Wilson Lafayette, Indiana Kurt Wilson

In our business, relationships are critical. That's why it's important to partner with a window company that understands and practices the same principle. Windsor's quality, fit and finish of their product make it an easy choice for my builders. Their product / customer support after the sale is crucial in performing well with my customers which makes Windsor a clear choice for me. Jeremy Butler
We just moved to a new condo, and currently have Pella windows. Just hate them. They frost up terribly in the winter and make a lot of cracking noises. We left a home that had Windsor Windows, and just loved them. We had casement windows installed, and had no issues. They look great and operate easily. Wish we had them in our condo. KELLY HOXIE
Our home is entirely Windsor windows. They are beautiful, efficient and just right for our home. My story has to do with customer service. We have a patio door that leads out to our pool so it gets a lot of use. Over the years the channel at the bottom of the door split and made it difficult to open and close the door. Ultimately I sent an email directly to Windsor to see who I should contact locally for repair. Unfortunately the vendors worked with builders and not individual home owners. I circled back to Windsor via email and provided them pictures of the problem. Betty Deemer stayed in touch with me throughout this process by the way. Windsor did not leave me to wonder how to get our door repaired. They sent me the parts to make the repair and provided a name of a repairman who could do the repair. Great windows and great customer service is my story. Thank you Windsor! Charles Horwitz

I am in the process of selling my home. I was concerned about the appearance of the sealant around the edges of the windows (my Windsor windows are 24 yrs. old). As a long shot, I decided to call your customer service number. They put me in touch with Betty Deemer. If you could show a picture of a customer service person, it must be Betty. She listened to my concern, and provided good feedback. She then directed me to a person who she said is the real window expert. She gave me the phone number of Ed, your service tech in Naperville, Illinois. Ed also went out of his way. After leaving a message for him, he actually called me back later in the evening. He was able to fully explain my issue. He suggested I call Betty back to see if she could find some old technical information in your files. I called Betty and relayed the comments from Ed. About a day later, I got an email from Betty indicating that her discussions with the engineering department did not turn up any technical information as this window design is no longer made. I cannot express how impressed I am with the "beyond the call of duty" that both Betty and Ed went on my behalf for a 24 year old window that is not even built anymore. WOW!!!! If you have employees of the week, month or year, I nominate Betty and Ed. Thank you! Jim Singsank
Our company began a relationship with Windsor Windows and Doors in 1997 and our purchases and our relationship have grown every year. Windsor products have proven to be of very good quality and this has allowed our company to obtain repeat customers. Windsor’s Pinnacle clad wood product line is a winner for us and for our customers. Also, one of the great things about Windsor is their people and they really work hard at partnering with their dealers. Mike Benna
I have sold premium windows for some 40+ years now. I have sold those who ship jambs loose making it time consuming to match jambs up with windows, not to mention their hard to read invoices pricing each piece of a window separate. Several of the Premium window and door manufacturers would have a history of shiping partial orders and backordering part of a window and door package. This creates problems for both the retailer and the homeowner. I have had great success with Windsor shipping complete house packages with no back orders. This usually means one trip to the jobsite. Thank you Windsor! R. Lambert Plywood Case Co. Carrollton, GA Rusty Lambert

I would just like to say that Windsor windows are the best. We had a house fire, in our two story home, that started in the attic and burned for six hours. There was a back draft explosion in this time that blew one of the doors out of the house and separated the outer walls from the main support beam by eighteen inches on both sides of the house but didn't even break one window! The fire martial said he had never seen anything like that. Actually the firemen had a hard time even trying to break some windows to get in the second story! They were amazed. This proves to me that Windsor windows does exactly what they are supposed to in keeping a home safe, air tight and the outside elements out. Brandon Newell
I felt it was necessary to write you a letter commending Windsor, as well as all of the men that were instrumental in replacing a large number of damaged sashes in my new home. I encountered many challenges in the initial construction process, but the replacement of the window sashes was trouble-free due to the efforts of Windsor’s employees. The work of Mr. Basil Lestyk and Mr. Darren Presley was outstanding. Not only were they very professional, they were respectful of the work area in my home which I am now living in. Not a day went by without the two men thoroughly cleaning up after themselves. I am very pleased with the work they did. I also want to note that Mr. Jim Treacy was most instrumental in coordinating this repair and doing everything that was necessary to have a happy customer in the end! It took a huge effort on these team members to coordinate this reinstallation/repair, and I am happy to recognize this fact. I am also pleased to say that I will proudly recommend Windsor Windows to my clients and other professionals in the industry. Judi Miller
Before partnering with Windsor, I felt that the windows were the weakest link in my homes. Now, I’m using Windsor’s Legend cellular PVC products, and I’m confident that I’m providing homeowners with the best windows for the money – they’re highly durable and require little maintenance. Joel Sheppard

Windsor’s Legend products combined the performance of cellular PVC with the appearance of wood that we needed for our coastal homes. Traditional style, value pricing along with a commitment to design always makes Windsor our window of choice. Eric Moser
We are using Windsor’s Legend products in all of our buildings. Not only do these windows have longevity, but they allow us to give each building the look and style of wood to create the architectural detail we need. Terry Whitley